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Aparently i have 4-5 months laps in writing here.
well at least then i have things to tell...
right now
the avanage of changes which thrust itself upon me.

1. i got a dog now. a nice husky german shepherd mix named Nanouk. he's a bit scared of the cats but they manage :D he's 12 already so i guess we won't have that much time together but a friend had to give him away due to work issues and with me he can have a nice old age. with nice walks along the river and in the woods....
i even pondered bout changing my dress style to country lady but i kinda decided to stick to my comic tshirts :D

2. my career is coming to an end... yay
roughly 2.5 years ago i branched out into the art supply shop thingie and... rural germany isn't the place for it. my little vilage is slowly dying and i'm feeling the effect. it's time to look for something else.
the flags and customizing and comissions aren't enough to really survive on them so i need a propper job...
and i got one offered yesterday.
which brings me to

3. i guess i'll be moving soon.
yesterday i got offered a job with a cake designer /wedding cake maker. she would hire me to layout and sketch the customers wishes and paint on the finished cakes if requested. along with other duties like delivering and stuff.
sounds appealing but the job is in a town roughly 2 1/2 hours from where i live now.
i still have about a year to decide cause that's how long i rented the store.
and she still has to "make" the job.
i love my flat and i'Ve been living here for a reaalllyy long time. it's kinda hard for me. i've got a lot of friends here and a lot i'd be leaving behind.
but then it'S an appealing job and jobs are really rare around here.
plus i already know some folks in the new town.
still; a lot to think about.
the moving costs are something to consider, too. renting a place down there is more expensive than it is here, so i'd have to get a smaller flat and will have to give away a lot of furniture. probably one of my 2 pianos......
on the other hand tis the chance to start anew. in a different city.

a lot to think about, indeed
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Submitted on
September 14, 2012