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Hey there,
i thought it might be time to give you a little update on what's going on here.
(well those 2 of you who actually read this ;) )

I'm through with the first 2 regimental colours and posted them to DA tonight.
And what can i say? i got licked big time!

Well not all the way;
i worked on the flags more or less simultaniously so i'll split my experiences by projects;

project 1
Project 1 is actually project 2 but who cares.... due to some mismeasurements with the silk i ended u doing this first.
and i paid dearly for it.
as usual i posted work in progress photos to my facebook accout to keep the customer updated. well he didn't get the "in progress" so nearly every evening my phone rang and he was tellimg me to do stuff differently. i explained to him that the paint would go on the silk in layers... to no avail.
before we started i had made some calculations and for this would be the first actual flag and i was bound to make mistakes i gave him a special price. during a phone conversation i dropped the price even further due to a miscalculation... he held me to my word... so i ended up getting about 1/4 of what the thing would actually be worth. . . yay for me!
plus i had way more work due to his last minute changes. and, this was an error on my side, i had to dye the whole sheet after the motiv was in place so i had to paint the whole flag twice, from both sides. so i ended up painting one and the same motiv 4 times adding up to 20 thin layers of paint on a few parts.
he still hasn't paid everything and the flag is still in my posession since he still wants changes.

project 2
never had such a relaxed and laid back customer! here we decided to swap flag for equipment and i ended u with the equipment in hand even before i had the silk. i had learned my lessons from project 1 so this time all went smoother. and even tho my customer told me he was a nitpicker he was a charm to work with! i was the bigger neat freak so whenever he told me to be aware of his nitpicking i just laughed at him. here i too published photos on facebook but this time all went well. he just liked them and we went our ways, from time to time comparing notes on different subjects but all really relaxed.

The final countdown.
i am not vergy good when it comes to actually handing over my work. it's some sort of self preservation.
i can't bear those situations. afrait that the customer won't like it etc.
project 2 was the first to be ready, so i decided to ship it to my customer instead of ganding it to him personally. dute to a funny coincident he was at my place the moment the mail man delivered the package at his place.
kinda gave me a laugh. and when he unwrapped it in the evening he noted on FB "Habemus vexilum!"
aparrently he was really happy with what i had mustered up.
maybe it would have done me some good seeing someone so happy about my work.
With project 1 i had no choice. i had to hand deliver it and i got what i deserved.
the customer had a bad day and i got a hand full
he regarded the flag with "well that's how it turned out then i have to take it like this..." and for several hours he didn't stop mumbling and bashing my work.
i was highly offended and still am.

the desicion was made, i won't take comissions from this customer again.
on the other hand the other customer already ordered again (the drum) i finished it yesterday and will get paid next week when i see him.
again i made a real friendship price. but i decided i prefer to earn a little money to not earning at all.

i think i haven't taken pencil to paper at all this year, did only one small sketch of a detail for the drum.
Canvass and oil or acrylics... haven't touched those either. it seems lately i only do arts stuff when it's related to reenactment.
There's one comission still on the books another flag but i won't get the materials till later this year.
i wonder if i'll get new comissions once the colours are shown to public. which will hopefully happen next weekend when we travel to italy :)
i'll keep you posted :)
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Morning and a happy new year to you all!

2012 is starting rather strange for me.
on Boxingday i broke my laptop so the last week i spent a bit more time on "analog hobbies" i still have my main computer which i usually use to store data or surf the net in the evening, so it's not up to date with the newest programs or even the basic ones is use for work.
no photoshop, no sai... you get the picture.

i figured a week or two without the laptop is no big deal for there are no urgent comissions on my desk.

well... (hopefully) tomorrow i'll get the laptop back and already i'm compiling data, desperate to start the two compissions i got on my desk.
And whooha! what comissions they are!

As i've mentioned before i'm into Reenactment.
It's quite an expensive hobby so i was looking for ways to re-finance it.

I don't really believe in Karma or Kismeth, i believe in treating everyone around you as polite and nice as you would like to be treated yourself. that's the general idea of karma, i know, but i don't think you should do it to "have" good karma but just because tis the right thing to do, period.

I generally have a hard time, live everyone, to make ends meet. So, like everyone, i pondered about ways to relieve my money issues... and i failed every time.
even what seemed like good ideas didn't kick off, so i usually ended with having spent a lot of money un stuff i couldn't re-sell...
story of my life.

Maybe i was looking at it from the wring point of view.
maybe karma tried to tell me something.

but let the story commence!

when i returned home from the last regimental drill in november we, due to car pool issues, stopped at my captains house.
there i re-packed my car, chatted a bit with the others, said our goodbyes, and i, bluntly, invited myself to a cup of coffee at my captains, cause it was getting rather late and i still had abot an hour drive ahread of me...
well there we were, me perched at the doorframe, my cup in hand, him leaning against another door frame, chatting lightly... when suddenly he looked me square in the eye and said:
"you're a painter, could you paint me the regimental colours?"
(regimental flag for those not accustomed to the term)
i looked puzzled and nodded, "i sure could try."
he explained to me in detail what he wanted.
a flag, sewn from to huge sheets of silk, painted on both sides. so basically 2 flags, sewn together to match. both roughly 3 suqare meters
I agreed, having painted silk in the past i already began to ponder how to accomplish this project.
in return, as payment, so to say, i'd get a rather expensive but vital piece of equipment.
quite a goal to work towards to.

it's my habit to post my "works in progress" on facebook, so people can see how the paintings develope, and actually get an idea on how much work they are.
so i started a new folder in my picture gallery.
Another guy from my regiment saw it and called me to asl if i'd also be willing to do regimental colours for another regiment.
To make this clear, right now i still haven't got the silk for the first project! all that was in the folder were a few colour swatches!!!
we talked about it in length and he immediately sent me photos of the colours so i could extract the insignia and work out a decent pattern.
i still have no idea what i should charge him with but he said as long as he could do installments everything would be ok....
as i said my laptop is still in repair so i couldn't work on the pattern, but in one of my books i found a pattern which would be ok for a colour test, which i started on 31.12.2011
it failed, but i started the 2nd yesterday and it seems to work out pretty nice.
i again posted photos.
and again a friend from a dutch artillery group saw it and asked me if i'd do dutch regimental colours, too.
i'm flabbergasted. this projects are a huge ammount of work, i have to go over patterns which are about 200 years old and have to copy them to the letter. and i have to find the right colours cause the original flags are, if they still exist, faded...
i didn't agree to this project to make a buck, it sounded like a really fun thing to do, and my captain is a really nice guy so it was more like making him happy and grab this piece of equipment on the way.
and now it seems like the word is slowly spreading and i might have a way to at least re-finance my hobby.

is karma trying to tell me something?
Sorry if this turns out to be a rant, but i have to get it off my chest.
I think Cosplay was the thing that made me feel old for the first time, cause i had to look up the word.
We played dressup as kids too, but we called it dressup....
Seriously, nothing against Cosplayers.
Hey i dressed in Starfleet uniforms for conventions, too....
I have nothing against Cosplayers when they do fictional Characters / clothes / body morphing armour, whatever...
Actually, chapeau, chapeau for some of the costumes i found out there. i suck at sewing and it really amazes me how much time and effort (not to mention money) ppl pour into their costumes.
if you Cosplay things like uniforms from different periods of history GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!
i'm a re-enactor, i do Napoleponic wars, i'm member of a british highland regiment.
my uniform isn't 100% authentic either, cause no one can afford 100% handwoven wool or things like that. but you can afford pure wool, and leather, there's stuff out there, rather cheap on ebay.... most books on the topic are available as free ebooks or really cheap on amazon.
By accident i found some napoleonic cosplayers yesterday (apparently some sort of manga plays during the napoleonic wars, i'm not into manga so i wouldn't know...)
I saw military hats made from some sort of rubber, white jeans as uniform trousers, uniform coatees made of some sort of synthetic shimmery things, crossbelts not of leather but made of fabric....
it made my eyes bleed. and i venture the guess those materials were even more expensive than the real thing.
when you put that much effort into a costume wouldn't you want it to look the part other than something you pull off a rack of halloween costumes?
*still shuddering*
i'd you're interested in purchasing one of the new Designs go to… :)
Hey there,
tis 10pm german time and i so should be in bed with a good crime novel... but alas....
seems i can't kick back and relax right now.
There's so much going on right now. joined me for some cool jigsaw puzzles. and :iconmenschenhautkonfetti: joined us aswell.
i've already delivered 3 motivs for jigsaws and will post them here as soon as they're available to the public.
And i'm already hunting for new motivs...
Other than that, i helped a friend of mine move with his book store from one end of town to another and managed to only buy 2 books *yay for me*
in exchange i get some of the shelves he won't be needing anymore. and i'm in desperate need of them *sigh* after packing boxes with books for him i went home and emptied my bookcases... inbetween i went to my dayjob too...
ok and got tangled up in those crime novels the BF keeps dropping.
Next weekend there's an arts and crafts marked in my town which i organized together with a friend.
i'll have my own booth and show off some techniques and materials.
and i haven't prepared a single thing yet. good thing i still have a week to do that. but it has to be oranized propperly *yuck*
and this weekend is off limits.
tomorrow i'll have to work till 2, then fetch the keys for the old store where the book cases are kept, then have to prepare dinner for sunday. then i have to get the rest of my shelves off the wall and clean that room.
on sunday i'll sleep in, around lunchtime i have to be in wuppertal and from there on drive off futher away to meet with people to get my uniform for the re-enactment (i guess photos will follow) round seven i gotta be back home cause i invited friends for dinner (in my at the moment totally chaotic flat) monday is a holiday here so again i am allowed to sleep in. at 3 pm we'll meet at the shop to dismantle the shalves and get them here and re-build them... then the loong ordeal of sorting my books will follow.
and already i'm thinking of moving other furniture. for a second i even pondered about moving my piano into the kitchen *blushes*
never mind, now tis really time for bed....
or well, discuss with the other re-enactors when we will meet for scottish sword dancing...
Good morning fellow deviants!
how is you world today?
it's a holiday and i'm still in bed *yay*
the weather here in germany is swell and i actually ponder about going outside for a run.
well i guess i'll stick to pondering *sigh*
i have a mean creative phase at the moment.
can't decide where to start....
all small thingies like customizing bags and shoes but tis so much fun! and i started writing again, something i haven't done in quite a while.
it feels so good to be back in the saddle.
again it's been a while i admit ;)
i've been back on my own turf for a while now and end of next month that weird guy across the street has to move out.
my shop has kept me rather busy, and i've started a new line of work, doing customs now. sunglasses, bags, shoes... stuff like that :)
you can find my things here
sort of.
this actually is  rather long story, but it reached it's peak today when i got evicted.
but let's start a bit closer to the begining.
i have a best friend.
i hope everyone has one cause nothing beats a best friend.
our friendship is mutual and deep and we went through a lot of crap during the 2 years we know each other.
one of them is the messy divorce my friend is currently going through.
she's a good and kind person who hoped she could divorce that borderline husband of hers in a calm and quiet way.
he thought otherwise.

they bought a house at the beginning of their marriage, this house they decided to re-model. this house is about 5 meters from my own house.
the marriage was a match made in hell. and she had no chance but to leave that house, the house she bought, she owns.
things got even more complicated. cause she had to leave so much of her stuff behind including most of her papers (tax papers etc)
he ratted her out to the tax office so she had to get the papers.
we went to the hous on tuesday, he had bobitrapped the house and called the police.
they told us off but forced him to hand over the papers. a good victory.
today we went to the lawyer to get a restraining order, forcing him to leave the house he was unlawfully occupying.
he was faster.
this afternoon at work i got a call that my friend had ben filed a restraining order, and that there was another one on the way to my home.
this order tells me i am not allowed to come closer than 10 meters to "his house"
my house is (as i mentioned) about 5 meters away. the order was filed so late in the day that the lawyer had already closed. so for today i can't go home. i had to call someone to feed my cats. i'm now at my friends place, luckily i had ma computer with me.
but other than that, i have the clothes i wore. even my money is at home.
my cellphone charger.
gosh even the papers for my car.
tomorrow we'll hopefully find out if i can go back, if there's a way either to fight the order or to get it re-written so i can get inside my flat.
if there's no way. i am forced to stay away from my own flat till september this year.
i'll have to call my mum to bring me clothes and other stuff.
i feel like i'm in exile.
hey there
it's been a while, i know
i'm just checking in to tell you life is great!
sure we all have our litte problems and things that get to us but all in all i'm well.
:iconmenschenhautkonfetti: was here a while ago and we spent a whole week painting and drawing and having fun in general. went to a great party and i have to say when she went home my face still was hurting from all the laughter.

so i'm proud to say, we're working on some collaboration art.
it's semi original artwork and already it's amazing!
it'll be a birthday present for a close friend and i'm having a field day painting it. lem supplied the outlines which i now convert into a massive oilpainting.
this pic will have the best of both worlds. great comic icons and classic oil technique.
sadly enough i can't really work on it today. i got a lot of appointments today.
already spent 2 days behind the easle and still am far from finished.
i'm really bouncing here!
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hey there.
yes, i'm still here and i'm still working.
since my last entry there've been at least 4 paintings, none of which will appear here.
i've made my desicion.
my 100 won't be a "really special" work.
it'll be another portrait.
portraits are a nice way for me to express myself.
sort of explaining myself by proxy.
it's the expressions i chose, or sometimes the people i chose. even in the works i do because i'm bored.
even people who know me well usually don't get the meaning of those portraits, cause i usually see other things in the expression than they.
so it's like showing your art but hiding your art at the same time.
i kinda like that.

the other stuff i've painted lately won't appear here. it's original art and for it's no fan art in any kind no one will check it out anyways, so why bother putting it up here?
here i'll put works that i'd like to be seen.
that reduces my work to the fan art section. mostly portraits.
and that's 'nuff ;)
take care folks
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my 100 is still a work in progress... of course
i've spent my sunday afternoon online; again...
and i've had some time to think.
perhaps 100 deviations are enough?

at the moment i'm thinking hard about "giving up painting"
well not literally giving it up. it's more or less the only thing i'm remotely good at.
but i guess i'll probably won't show it anymore.

As someone once said;
it's better to write for your self and have no audience than to write for the audience and have no self.

i think the same thing can be applied to painting.

there are many people out there who draw and paint better than i do, and i never tried to compete. i drew and painted when i was inspired (or when i had a comission) sometimes i tried to honour someone with my art, or in a weird way, to give something back. Sometimes it was just boredom.

i had exhibitions, and very kind feedback, there and here.
and i'm grateful.

Yes, there's always a but.
It's not enough.
when showing your artwork you always give up a big part of yourself, and are at mercy of the people you show it to.
the critique of random strangers is a rather difficult thing to depend on.

Over the last years, every picture that was important for me got ignored by the people i showed it to. that's no ones fault, but it hurt.

i'm just not up to it anymore.

I will go on drawing;
of course the 100 has to get finished, and i still got the comission for that childrens book.
the 100 will apear here, the book won't.

and i'm not sure if i'll go on uploading artwork after the 100 at all.
At the moment i feel more like backing down and keeping my stuff to myself.
i feel like the few skills i had are deteriorating (along with my vision), perhaps that's another reason.
i'm not good anymore.

i still have a lot to think about.
i won't cancel my account and still visit here regularly and even write in my journal.
i just think i'll need to gather my strength again before i post something.

i hope you don't mind...
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ok i did it.
i've already started.
it'll be a portrait again, anr right now i'm not sure how it'll turn out.
it'S rather a project for me cause i know the subject so well and it's always difficult to draw people to whom you have a close relation.
it'll be an oil painting so it might take a little while...
but; i'm working on it!
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usually i'd be at the MinD regular's table. but... my driver had other plans :(
and german public transfer plain sucks.

so i got some time on my hands :D
and i'm wondering....
i've already submitted 98 deviations; the 99th might be that gardot drawing again cause i'm re-doing it and like to see both versions on here.
that would make 99 deviations.
the big 100 still pending.
i think it should be something special
but what?
any sugestions?
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isn't it weird what influence other people can have on your mood?
this morning began great, a friend sent me a great song and i spent breakfast clicking through youtube listening to so many great songs i nad nearly forgotten about.
the bikeride to work was swell even tho the weather was a tad grim.
i had some errants to do and then met up with a friend before work another fellow i know was there and in a really good mood too so we joked around a lot and had just plain good old fashioned fun.
at work then i noticed something.
i had shown someone one of my artworks on here and it sorta didn't get the reaction i'd have liked. . . or better it got no reaction at all...
anywho my mood went down the drain.
i'm a bit artsy there sometimes.
i was still in a rather good mood but found myself brooding over the matter more than i'd have thought.
so i decided to take a little stroll in my lunchbreak, to clear the cob webs...
i endet up at my best friends house. and after a while telling her what bothered me.
she explained it away, or better she tried.
back at work a bit of that artwork mystery was unravelled and suddently i was in a really good mood again.
i still got no reaction, but that's ok now :D
so i spent the whole afternoon at work listening to lester young and fiddling with a drawing. tapping to the rythm of the music, whistling from time to time.
close to closing time my friend called again and invited me over for dinner.
and we had an amazing evening! really good dinner, and i'd like to say rather nice dinner conversation; but i have to be honest we sat there and laughed like school girls.
exchanged weird work related stories and teased her teenage daughter. the poor one really had to suffer. but she dished back after dinner ;D
we actually endet up watching embarrassing homevideos...
mine and hers (hail to the notebook)
actually i'm still grinning bout some stuff we said and watched tonight...
but in retrospect i find it rather interessting; at lunchtime i was hurt and insecure and all in all felt bad for myself and drowned in selfpity
and a few hours later i'm laughing my butt off.
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what i thought would be a dreay work filled day turned out into a nice relaxing day with my best friend :D
she came by the shop for breakfast (croissants and cafe au lait) and stayed till i locked up
(we spent the time in the shop mostly with watching youtube *lol*)
after work i packed her in my car to show her the hohenhof an art noveau villa (now museum) close by.
we wandered though the building discussing who would get what furniture. the music room with the cute art noveau baby grand let to some discussions...
i was allowed to take photos but due to weather and bad lighting they turned out way too dark :( (no flash allowed)
after we left the villa we took a little strol through the park before heading home for some hot cocoa.
her laundry was in my dryer so we still had a little time to kill. youtube again.
i showed her a video with a purcell recording i had found a while back and it came out she knew half the people on stage.
watching her was even funnier than watching the video.
she's done some purcell too, and rather jazzy if i may add :D
(purcell love songs great cd)
she wanted to show me videos of a friend of hers, also a baroque soprano who on the side plays bass in a punk band.
but she couldn't find them :( i'm waiting for the link now ;D
it was a nice relaxing day.
we should do something like that more often :)

btw i actually wrote that email and didn't go to the concert. so far the klezmer friend dind't call back...
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i've been busy lately.
nothing i can put on DA yet cause tis for a book project and i don't want to spoil the fun :)
but i'm back on drawing and painting.
ventured a little to aquarell painting; still not my medium ;)
the other thing i'm working on is a "just for fun/hell i'm bored" project i'll keep it updated on my scrapbook, but it's nothing wild. i just have the hardest time leaving the pencil out of my hand.

like always more painting sadly means more health issues :(
my back is killing me even tho i always try to keep a good posture when working.
had some mean spasms in my shoulders last night; haven't been there for a while. funny enough my right arm and hand act up; i'm lefthanded :D
(i guess that's still an issue from the accident last year...)

and; even worse, drawing screws up my eyes :(
as you might know my vision has never been good. got my first glasses when i was around four and spent a good deal of my childhood wearing eye patches and other "correctional aids" to no avail.
(well pirates weren't in fashion back then...)
leaving me with no 3d vision, sensitivity to light and with really bad night vision. *yay* for me.
a few years back my "good eye" started to go down hill too. nothing majour, just a little short sighted.
but when i draw i tend to strain my eye(s), not blinking enough, staring at the paper for hours at times, concentrating on details, and of course... brigth light and white paper....
i know, when i draw a lot reading a book in the evening is out of the question, usually even TV is out of the question cause everything is blurry. so i'm usually the one with the tea bags on her eyes and a good CD.

In a weird way probably the only thing i'm good at, really limits the scope.

Another limitation is the weather; and here "finally" we arrive at my problem....
i have a drivers licence and a car (well it's french so tisn't really a car...)and with some luck and a few tricks i got no restrictions in my licence (i'm jut not allowed to ride big motocycles)
but i prefer not do drive when it's dark, cloudy, foggy etc. cause i know my vision sucks then. (well more than usual)
if i have to drive i do only routs i know like the back of my hand and mainly within city limits where there are street lights.
On sunday night i was invited to a friends b'day party. it was dark and the fog was immense. even tho i knew the route very well i was shaking when i got out of the car.
due to the drawing strain my night vision seems worse.
Now i am invited, by same friend, to a klezmer concert.
i love klezmer, and jazz, and baroque music, and rock, for that matter.... it'll be the opening of a chagall exhibition and she'll be playing there with her trio.
they really make good music and i love listening to them. and chagall is ok too ;)
but the exhibition / concert is about 45 mins drive from here. and i've never driven there.
Comon sense tells me i shouldn't go there. i have no idea how to reach the location by public transport and it'll be already dark when the thing starts.
there's no one i could get a ride with.
and if i'd find out the way by train and bus i'd probably need around 2-3 hours and would have to close the shop rather early :(
i really want to see them perform.
how to call it off?
tis rather difficult to call something off when you really want to go there.
i guess i'll write her a rather kind email...
she knows i'm not comfortable with driving at night.
but still...
they gave a little impromptu concert at her birthday and they were _really_ good.
poor me :(
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in the middle of october one would say autumn is in the air, but it feels like winter comes quick in germany.
some trees are still green but you can already smell it. the snow, the first fires burning in the houses. the scent of winter.
here and there the scent of cinnamon and apples.
the mountains around me disappear in the morning fog and for a little while i pretend i live at the sea, where the view stretches forever.
from my window i watch the castle appear out of the fog like a mirage in the dessert.
clad in thick garments, huddled up in gloves and scarf, leaving the warmth of my flat in the morning.
the cold head wind on my face, trying to get warm by propelling my trusty bike along the riverbank. and again pretending... back in oxford. until the statue comes into sight. i'm home, whatever i do, whatever i pretend, sooner or later i'm reminded, there's no place like home :)
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Well the spam hit the fan.

The german buerocracy doesn't trust me, so they cut my budget. to zero!

i still own my shop and i plan on doing so but in order to support myself i have to find new ways to earn money....

one, remote footpath is to offer comissions.
please keep in mind i'm a traditional artist so prices may vary from piece to piece.
and working on the pieces may take some time.

contact me directly for further informations.

as i'm mainly doing portraits, when you send in photos of people you want me to draw/paint; please give me good resolutions shots and/or closeups... my eyes aren't that good ;)

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hey back again :D
if you want you can follow me on twitter now @faberignifer

i have to be at work in 1,5 hours and havent showered yet *naughty me*
why do i always have the greatest looking hairtyles when getting out of bed, and why can i never reproduce them? and why do they fall apart as soon as i try to glue them with hair spray???
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Good morning fellows :)
last entry in april, has it really been that long?? sheesh!
what's been happening since?
I've dabbled a little in logo and t shirt design. rather boring stuff just editing other peoples work... but tis fun nevertheless...
started a king size oilpainting 160x100cm
last week putt it on the ground and poured a litre of white paint over it... finally realizing i'll never get it done.
started anew. with a flower macro on that canvass... i wonder if that's going to happen :D
other than that...
finally got new glasses in june. world slipped back into focus. headaches disappeared (for a bit)
but the eyetrouble continues... that's why i sorta limited my painting and drawing time...
the last 2 weeks i worked on the big chuckles thingie when you look closely you see all my noseprints on the paper :D
after this is finished i'll have a little time off from drawing with pencil. i'll do some acrillicy thingies next, but nothing artistical just decorational works for the shop.... rather tedious, boring work but i have to show my customers how to do...

turned 31 in august and again found myself on the receiving end of some weird surprises... surrounded by friends in my neighbours garden... biggest gift was a trip to england next year with some friends *yay for my friends*
funniest gift was a friend serenaded me with her bagpipe... tis official now, my neighbours hate me :D another friend played me something on the piano... and yet another friend gave me her new CD... musicians are just more fun to be with at a party :D lol
btw picked up piano playing again... note to self, get piano tuned.. or better get a new one...

the shop is doing allright and it's rather fun to draw and paint there customers like seeing me in dirty clothes in front of an easle. i even did a few workshops but after a while i tend to behave like a mixture of bob ross and louis de funes...
the summer workshops were a blast, we went 20 meters up the road, sat on a terrace at the market place, drank beer and did water colours in the evening sun. felt rather artistic :D

other than that... it became autumn in germany. we harvested the cherries, the apples, the prunes... and last week finally the grapes. there'll be at least 10 litres of wine soon :D
favourite time of the year... autumn / harvest nothing better than eating the fruits right off the tree :D
living is easy
and that's a good thing :)
so till next time